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Foggy Mountain

Youth & School
Presentations & Workshops

Interested in having someone present in your class?
Below are some of the topics we typically cover, if you're looking for something else or want to book a presentation - contact us!

Topics we can cover

Red/Green Flags

This is an interactive activity we've created to better engage students in discussing and understanding difficult topics


The Cycle of Violence

Healthy Relationships

Mythical Tic Tac Toe

An interactive activity Exploring common misconceptions and realities surroundings statistics and general information about sexual violence

Victim Blaming

Cyber Sexual Violence

Non-Consensual Photo Sharing

Demystifying the reporting/legal process of sexual violence

Get in Touch with us!

Jessica Gallant, Jade Centre Manager

(506) 295-0151

Samuelle Saindon, Legal Support Navigator

(506) 688-5689

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM

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